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Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 12...OneYearLater...

Ned died one year ago today.
He was three days short of his 19th birthday and he was the first of my three best friends and family members to die around my 65th birthday last September 13.
God works in mysterious ways and  I will live with His choices, not that there can really be a choice.
Ned is dead. Nothing will change that.
So is Roxie who passed on July 15, 2014.
And finally so is my beloved Teddy who I watched die in my arms on January 19, 2015.
Rest In Peace My Family.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Thanks for the memories Lulu...

On the day of the 2002 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, I happened to be driving from my home in the SanFernandoValley to my childhood home in Toledo, Ohio. The day before was EasterSunday and I spent it driving north from Perry, Oklahoma to DodgeCityKansas.
My leased JeepCherokee carried me and my two dogs and two cats safely on this journey of the road along with another one later that same year to watch the WorldSeries with my Dad in the AnnArborVAHospital. And again in 2003 when my Mom called me while I was working on the Oscar telecast to let me know she had esophageal cancer (which would kill her on July 31, 2003.) so I made plans to drive to Toledo after the Oscars to help her die.
But that was later and today I would like to remember that day in 2002 that I drove hard from DodgeCity to ColumbiaMissouri so that I could watch my MarylandTerrapins play for all the marbles! My dogs Emma and Teddy and my cats Ned and Lulu loved our road trips but in truth liked the sleeping times in the car at truck stops more than the nights spent in motel rooms like the Ramada we found on the third try for animal friendly hoteliers. Lulu decided to give me a special challenge as I was unloading my car for the motel room. With the opening tipoff moments away, Lulu saw her chance and bolted from my SUV past me to the ground where she by chance ran into a cul de sac with me left standing at the entrance like a hockey goalie. Lulu tried to fly past me again but my desire to save my kitty AND see Maryland play for the championship prevailed narrowly and Lulu remained part of my WarnWorldFamily until MemorialDay2006 when cancer took her.
Those three road trips to Toledo in 2002 and 2003 remain some of my most beloved memories.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ok to ask your pilot if he is feeling depressed?

Now this.
I for one will never again board a flight without taking a look at the pilots with a new and unwelcome subtext to my risk assessment formula.
For example, "how's it goin captain?" does not now seem inappropriate for any passenger to ask and that alone may add twenty minutes to all flights!
What a world we live in!
Each generation faces their own new set of challenges from savage natives to diseases not yet curable.
The 21st Century has now established its niche in historical iconography like the Hippie60s, Roaring 20s, etc...so far, the 2000s have been defined most by 911 and now the horrific confirmation that airline pilots can no longer be trusted with our lives.
What to do?
Stop flying is one answer. But that should also include changing our personal behavior as best we can to stop others from controlling our destinies. As I think this through, it is a one percenter issue. Our world and its economies thrive on the rich getting richer and now a lone wolf has shown us that the power of one still reigns supreme in 2015.

Live free or die!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Blue Bloods Friday

Friday night is Blue Bloods night.
This TV show offers us the oportunity to hang out with Tom Selleck and Frank Reagan's family.
Friday night has always been a favorite weekly time for me at every stage of my life, from Friday night at Howard Johnson's for all-you-can-eat-fish-fry to Friday night light high school football games, date nights with girls, women and wives over 50 years.