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Saturday, May 30, 2015

2016 Politics via WarnWorldCommunications, a division of Warn Communications Group

"Is the dream alive if it don't come true?"
    --Bruce Springsteen, American poet laureate

As quoted by Hillary challenger Martin OMalley in announcing his candidacy

Not bad...I give O'M a B...will need a lot more, including for Bernie Sanderrs to catch fire....HRC campaign making more sense....Biden?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Remembering Dr. Hunter S Thompson


Another life lesson from the brilliantly dead Duke hisownself: Dr. Hunter S Thompson, late of Woody Creek, Colorado where his close friend and on screen avatar Johnny Depp personally oversaw the disposal of Dr Thompson's self-shotgunned remains painstakingly according to his expressed (and discussed) wishes including the climactic moment of shooting HST's ashes from a cannon into the Colorado grandeur he so loved!

My first and best encounter with the infamous Hunter Thompson came in New York City at the 1976 Democratic National Convention where a Georgia peanut farmer named Jimmy Carter became our nominee for President. No, that really happened. I was there! I remember singing Amazing Grace with Daddy King and Barbara Jordan and thousands of us holding hands and rocking in unison...

I left Madison Square Garden right behind Daniel Patrick Moynihan and taxied to the coveted Rolling Stone afterparty. I knew a guy at the door who I worked with on a California Governor Democratic primary in 1974 so I was one of the last non VIPs like Paul Newman, etc to get in before fire marshalls stopped our fun.
That' s when I met the great man himself on the roof of the party brownstone.
We shared a mutual anger at "the man" spoiling our fun even as the place was already wall to wall.
Just then, Dr Thompson stepped up on the edge overlooking the mob scene at the front door.
He stared at that scene several beats then decided the time was right to take a piss over the edge onto the crowd six stories down. Several of us roughnecks followed his lead and the people under us scattered from the yellow shower.

 And HE WON!
My history prof was named an Ambassador and Happy Times Were Here Again!
A long time before President Jimmy discovered American Malaise. (Thanks Pat Cadell)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday is...

Tuesday is Election Day!
Time to go vote for a new LA city councilman...
Or woman!
Leaning Carolyn Ramsey over David Ryu
Based on visit from her precinct walker.
Face to face still best campaign tool!
I started in 1960 for JFK
1968 for RFK
1972 for McGovern.
1976 for Jimmy Carter (sorry Jerry Ford)
1980 forTeddy Kennedy
1984 for Walter Mondale
1988 for Mike Dukakis (but voted for George H W Bush)
1992 for Bill Clinton
2000 for Al Gore
2004 for John Kerry
2008 for Barack Obama
2016 for Joe Biden

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Moments of Truth

Life at 65...
Each year rolls by with satisfying yet disappointing predictability now that I can clearly see the light in the tunnel.
I tend to use sports events to track my annual reality: each new baseball season echoes all my others while always offering something new with each game. My Dad's legacy of a love for baseball and a distrust of Nixon serves me as well at 65 as it has since he bestowed it upon me at the Saturday Night Movie of Ma & Pa Kettle at Genoa, Ohio in the mid 50s!
Remembering those life moments long after our loved ones have moved on makes me feel that I am staying at a party after the host turned on the lights at the end of a long evening.
The party's over...go home!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Why would I spend 100 bucks to miss game 7 of a great NBA playoff series?

BucketListsLeftUndone: DerbyDay

WarnWorld memories of KentuckyDerbyMaySaturdays past....

I always think of myself wearing a white linen suit sipping MintJulips
In truth that never happened, to me at least,
But every May the image returns and I do not resist it!
Back when attending LIVE events was still attractive, the Derby was on my original bucket list.
Now past that time of my life, I pass my time remembering


Friday, May 1, 2015


This MayDay finds me reflective of my past world worker celebrations:
1967 one month prior to my ToledoWoodwardGraduation (also release of SgtPepper);
1976 BigApple bound to help nominate Jimmy Carter in MadisonSquareGarden;
1982 wife2 in UCLA hospital.
1989 wife3 lies 2me re what happened to my favorite dog Cooper AND about losing our son by miscarriage.

Life lessons...workers of the world UNITE!