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Monday, June 29, 2015

Real summer starts NOW!!!

The Last Monday In June...

Looking back at all my June Mondays,
This one could represent them all!
Hot, sunny, aroma of fresh cut grass;
Dog sleeping lazily nearby.
Getting ready for baseball games
And hot dogs with mustard
Peanuts and potato salad,
Extra baked beans please!
Find a way to sweat
Followed by a dip
A lol in the sun
Cold beer is NOT overrated!
June comes and goes every year,
Followed by the Fourth of July!
Real summer starts now!!!

Friday, June 26, 2015


History happened today!
I have seen a lot of history since 1949 (early memories really began in the 1950s) but today I witnessed my President SING Amazing Grace in his eloquent eulogy for the murdered Charleston  nine and it was remarkable!
Earlier in the day at the White House, he spoke to the nation hailing the SupremeCourt marriage decision. A truly historic day for all Americans knowing that our nation is walking the talk about civil rights for ALL Americans, even queers!
Too soon?
Funny is as funny does.
And yesterday the Supreme Court's first historic ruling of the week declared Obamacare legal!
Obama's legacy is now secured for history as the first black President AND the President who won the fight to make health care treatment a right rather than a privilege for ALL Americans!
#RIPCharlestonNine #SCOTUSCARE #RainbowsNotStarsNBars #HistoryHappenedToday

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Happy Flag Day!
June 14 is the day after Tim Russert dropped dead in 2008!
Among other landmarks of our American tapestry:
Of Stars and Stripes,
And red, white and blue;
Honor the fallen by remembering
Voluntary Sacrifices!
My D-Day vet Dad,
My namesake Uncle Chuck,
Mom's lifelong champion brother
Killed by Nazis as a POW in 1945...
RIP Dad and Uncle Chuck (and Mom)
Our American family has always honored the
American Flag!

Friday, June 12, 2015

SummerOfVerse #3


Another week in the books.
Saturday soon enough.
Sunday day of rest.

Monday peeks at us,
Awaiting our weekend survival.
Until a new week begins apace, followed by
Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday.

Week in, week out
Days slide by
Marking Life markers,
Making memories.

Past weeks exist in mental images
Some more vivid than others.
Others are gone, like Friday
After lunch!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Draft for my memoirs #1

Most Mondays thru Fridays my TV days start at 3am Pacific Time with morningjoe on msnbc followed by The Dan Patrick Show and The Rich Eisen Show on Audience Channel 239 on DirecTV.
Then it is noon and I look for baseball games to watch.
I have a sign that says: Retirement is just one long coffee break!
That pretty much sums it up for me.
After baseball, I like to take a nap before dinner after sitting on my front porch watching birds and squirrels fight over the seed hanging from my pine tree's branches.
Journaling war stories of my careers in politics and show business is a daily commitment of one hour (on which I am currently past due by a lot)
Reminiscing about the 1950s as a lonely boy on a farm outside Toledo,Ohio with an outhouse for a bathroom and a water pump for drinking,cleaning,bathing...
Recalling my high school years 1963-1967 at Toledo Woodward High School.
Eloping with my high school sweetheart in 1967.
1970: On the Road with Chuck and Karen Warn from DC to Toledo to New Orleans to El Paso to Tucson to the Sunset Strip in LA on to Berkeley.
San Francisco Years:North Beach, Pacific Heights, Potrero Hill, Lake Merced
Move to L.A.
Made sense at the time...
Marriage#2:Vegas Strip 5am  9/14/1982
Divorce#2: 1983
Marriage#3: 1989
Annulment#1: 1997
7/31/2000: Last Wife Moved Away
21stCentury: Retired husband.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"SummerOfVerse" day two...

I am a dog guy.
Love dogs, all dogs
And they
Love Me!

Baseball is my passion;
Ever since 1959 WarnWorld
Revolves around baseball season.
Each new year brings new landmarks.
As a kid baseball was my refuge.
As a 65 year old, baseball memories
Fuel me daily--unless
My Beloved DetroitTigers happen to lose,
In which case I mourn.
Death is like the Tigers losing
No chance
To win

Monday, June 1, 2015

A Summer Verse 2015

June 2015 has arrived!

Hot town!
Summer in the city!
Hot town!
Ice cream truck driver,
Turned retiree
Living each moment,
More than ever.
Not missing stuff
Gets easier
As distractions
Fill the space.
An only child has skills
Being alone
Useful in WarnWorld:
Patience, big imagination,
Not sharing.

        @ 2015